Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Stars and Stripes American Kindergarten !

Our belief at Stars and Stripes is that learning should be fun---and that is just exactly what we provide---a fun and exciting environment, curriculum and staff!

We welcome families who value education and are supportive of a school’s effort to bring out the best in each child. Our staff is committed to positive guidance and reinforcement techniques designed to promote self-worth and to create a desire to learn.

Our resources and teaching methods are U.S.A. based.  Each classroom is led by an American Teacher who is in the classroom all day. Additionally, we teach and maintain American customs, culture, holidays, common phrases, and the sounds of American English.

Through singing, dancing, playing, story time, reading, painting, and being a kid who is having fun, your child will develop cognitive, physical, social, and language skills, as well as self-esteem and self-motivation.

Parent involvement is important to us, so when you send us an email or call us, we will listen and respond to your issues.  Only by working together will we reach our common goal: the best overall development of your son or daughter.

Join us!  A tour can be arranged by calling our office or sending us an email.  We would love to have you become a part of our Stars and Stripes family.